Thursday, 29 March 2007

Commenting on a Blog - Who Ate All The Pies

I read so much Online, yet as of yet have rarely crossed the final-frontier that is the comment box. This of course has to change, and so I went back to my favourite blog, Who Ate All The Pies. I done a short review of this blog right at the beginning of the course, and have been reading it ever since. However, I have never felt the urge to comment. This was until last night, when I was greeted with one of the funniest posts I have seen on the blog (and there have been a few of them).

The post was simple, but effective. A picture and matching humorous caption. Like the competitions you see in magazines and phone-ins on TV. You know, the 'insert a funny, ridiculous but perfectly suited caption here' competition. I saw it before the game and laughed. After the game,I felt compelled to comment. With Lampard gone, Gerrard put on a one man show that ultimately saved Macca's job.

My comment prompted other comments, especially from a suspected Chelsea fan who was keen to get behind Frank Lampard, and point out that in his opinion the win was meaningless and other still weren't performing. The Editor, Ollie also added a few immediate comments, which I generally agreed with. It was good as it added to the interactivity of the blog, as the commenting tool was acting like a forum. The comments went on to discuss the best team for the next match against Estonia. Team selection is always a hot topic, and didn't fail to provoke the pub-like banter you get with your mates on a night out.

After losing my commenting-virginity, I now crave more. Everyone has an opinion on everything right? It's time for us all to let it be known. I'm off to my beloved 'pies' to checkout some more of the post-match reaction.

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Jim said...

Really Good account of losing your commenting virginity - good review of the site and the reasons behind your comment. Pleased to see the way you got the discussion going on the site and contributed. Have you been back since then and commented some more?