Thursday, 29 March 2007

Workplace Blog - Pizza Hut Team Member

When looking at Personal Journalism we were taken to a blog written by James Richards. He looks at Workplace blogs, and has collected a mass of different blogs at which to look at. Some may argue that due to their diary-like nature, they cannot be read as true journalism.

However, some of the personal experiences written in these blogs often have larger social references, and discuss matters that effect our lives on a day-to-day basis. Within a larger context, workplace blogs can take us to a world we don't know, whether it be the life as a paramedic, or what it's like to work in a restaurant. Either can tellus something new about the world in which we live, and in events that we actively participate in. With this in mind, I feel that workplace blogs have to be considered as a form of Journalism.

When browsing through the list, I happened to stumble upon an amusing yet intriguing blog that offered an insight into the world of restaurants, and more specifically Pizza Hut. 'Pizza Hut Team Member' is a blog written by an anonymous male who works in a Pizza Hut Express restaurant in a shopping centre somewhere in the UK. The blog seems to be well read, with the writer having 294 profile views, and each post averaging 4 comments. There is an obvious 'select' of hardcore readers, who read and comment on the blog almost daily.

The blog takes on a similar format to other retail/restaurant workplace blogs. The writer describes his day to day tasks, the various troubles he has with annoying customers and their range of requests. His writing style is short, sharp and conversational, and through humorous anecdotes he takes the reader through the 'daily-grind' and all the stupid and funny things he hears and sees whilst working.

He in parts also takes the form as a 'whistle blower' (although of course reveals nothing of any major importance), revealing newsletter comments, statements from head office regarding their situation on bird flu, and any new menu changes. He also gives us a look into some of the things that actually go on within his restaurant, whether it be the manager out back having a Red Bull and a fag, or the till being £10 down.

Some of his posts have larger social references. He speaks about Bird Flu (see link above) and the impact upon his restaurant, and Heelys and their various annoyances, both of which have been big news even in the mainstream media.

Overall, Pizza Hut Team Member is a very enjoyable blog to read, and anonymity permitting, I think the writer will be delighting us refill mishaps and ice-cream machine mayhem for some time to come.


Jim said...

Good review once it gets going - the writing is a little stodgy at first but once you get down to the specifics of workplace blogs and this one in particular, it's really good. I like the specific linking you do and the pic you found. I like the picture as well. Good stuff...

But are you going to write anything else here - something on the relationship between bloggers and the mainstream news media, based on the stuff we did in class?


Pizza Hut Team Member said...

Many thanks for this review, I came across it when checking where people are coming from to my blog. Anyway, I'm rather flattered by it!

It really sums it up well and highlights things I do - that I didn't even know I did. On the whistleblower side of things, I try to post as much stuff as possible, without revealing my identity. There are only 24 Express stores, so I'm already narrowed down and often I get quite interesting information from management on a 121 basis - so if I were to post about it, and they really wanted to find out who I was - they could. Much of the information from a more personal level. Generally I can only post company details which has come in a printed format.

I have gone through a stage where I really couldn't be bothered to post much, and have picked up the pace again and am enjoying it - it keeps the readership up, which, in the end every blogger wishes for and encourages them to post.

Many thanks for the review once again!

PS: Coincidently, I have just done an entire post on refills!!

Pizza Hut Team Member said...

I have no idea why I put 'Much of the information from a more personal level.' in there because it makes absolutely no sense!

Sorry about that.

Dev said...

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